90's Reunion Gameshow Party

90's Reunion Gameshow Party

2009-2010 Scratched and developed at Southwark Playhouse, Tristan Bates Midnight Matinee and part of Spacemakers project in Brixton Village.

  • Southwark PlayhouseMdnight MatineesTristan Bates


  • "Crow Theatre have hit the jackpot with this show. It is brilliantly bizarre and sensationally unsettling. From high school reunion to 90s Gameshow. Nostalgia kicks in to the sound of Daft Punks Around the World booming from the speakers. A great alternative night out. You wont be disappointed."
  • by Becky Shepherd for Open Magazine.
  • "The performances here are excellent. An innovative, engaging and highly entertaining experience well sustained by a cast of talented actors and improvisers."
  • by Paul Dunn for Remote Goat.
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90's Reunion Gameshow Party


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