Community Groups

We enjoy working with a wide range of groups and individuals around specific themes or issues, and can provide an energetic solution to communication, in particular relating to problems and finding ways to deal with them. We have been hired by companies, Council and third sector organisations, for a wide range of events and projects within a variety of areas including

  • Mental Health
  • Addiction and recovery
  • Learning disabilities
  • Drama workshops for school groups
  • Entertainment for venues and events
  • Staff teambuilding

Invisible Theatre

Another of Augusto Boal's concepts, performing contraversial or thought provoking invisible theatre, where the audience don't know it is a performance because it happens in the real world. We performed in queues for local arts festivals last summer, where we had some amazing responses from people. We were exploring issues of stigma and discrimination. Check out our video!

Check out our video!

Forum Theatre

A form of theatre which we use a lot, created by Augusto Boal. It highlights certain issues and allows the audience to discuss them afterwards; making suggestions about how things could be done differently - then the performers act out the same scenes with the changes suggested to see what happens. It is a positive and practical way of debating contraversial issues.

"It was loads of fun. Much better than just watching something"

GCSE student/workshop participant.

"I would thoroughly recommend Crow Theatre to anyone wanting to use participatory theatre to deliver a message or story."

Ravinderpal Ghelon, staff member at LVAC.


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Crow Theatre is a Not for Profit organisation based in London.